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Touch TennisTouch Tennis is the retro-arcade game you will be showing-off to your friends on your new iPhone! Touch Tennis presents increasingly fast-paced ball matches in both 1-player and head-to-head 2-player modes. Choose from different paddle sizes and from various match lengths to increase the challenge! Accurate arcade physics, beautiful graphics, amusing sounds, and fun accelerometer support will keep users entertained whether playing for one minute or for one hour.

The first popular video game ever was a 1970’s arcade table tennis game. Now, table tennis is reborn into Touch Tennis on the iPhone and iPod touch. Touch Tennis captures that retro look and feel while supporting many new fun features.

Game Play:

Select from three different Touch Tennis racket sizes for each player to fine-tune the challenge; small, medium and large. The engaging single-player Artificial Intelligence provides a compelling, fun experience when practicing or playing a challenging game. Choose match lengths of 5, 7, 9, 11 or 15 points.

Move the Touch Tennis rackets easily and naturally by sliding your finger, taking full advantage of iPhone’s multi-touch support for 2-player mode. The ball bounces off the Touch Tennis rackets and court sides with fully accurate arcade physics. Hit at the edge of the racket to maximize spin but be careful not to go too far!

Choose who serves first by tilting the iPhone towards the serving player. Also, change seamlessly between 1 and 2 player modes during the game by simply touching to take control of the second racket. If the second player leaves the game, the computer steps back in to continue playing.

Master this timeless game and experience the best-of-breed arcade tennis sensation that only Touch Tennis on the iPhone delivers.


  • One-player and head-to-head Two-player mode against a friend using multi-touch.
  • Tilt the iPhone or iPod touch towards a player to select who serves first - natural accelerometer support.
  • Entertaining, precise, challenging “artificial intelligence” for your 1 player matches.
  • Join an in-progress 1 player game for an instant 2 player match-up.
  • Select from 3 racket sizes; small, medium, large.
  • Choose between 5 match lengths; 5, 7, 9, 11 or 15 points.
  • Saves your game automatically - check your email and return to resume your game.
  • Electrifying graphics with that retro style that you will want to show all your friends.

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