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Oort StormOort Storm brings intense arcade space-shooter action to your iPhone and iPod Touch. Unknown forces have disturbed the Oort Cloud at the edge of our solar system, launching huge numbers of asteroids, mines, and alien artifacts that threaten to destroy the Earth. Use your shield, 3-way fire, Pulse Bombs, and AutoChron 'time freeze' along with all of your skill to make it through 9 levels and prevent the end of civilization if you can! When you're done, submit your score on the Global Ranking leader-board and see how you compare!

Game Play:

Oort Storm puts top-down space-shooter action in your pocket wherever you go. New levels are unlocked as you proceed - come back and play an easy level as a quick diversion, try to beat the clock for even more points, or work on your progress towards saving the Earth. Choose between 'Point' aiming (the default) and 'Turn' (left/right) aim using the accelerometer. Quick-calibration from the Settings or while Paused in the game make adjusting your controls a snap.

New top-10 high scores over 100,000 points are automatically submitted to the Global Ranking leader-board, allowing you to compare your progress to other players around the world! [Note that you must have an active Internet connection when the high score is achieved for this to take place.

Top-notch graphics, sound, and increasingly intense levels combine for a immersive experience that players of every age can enjoy.

Note: FlipSide5 does not recommend the use of its games while driving, operating heavy machinery, or performing other critical or hazardous tasks. Eye-fatigue and an intense urge to try that level 'just one more time' may be signs of a more serious underlying condition.


  • 9 levels of increasingly challenging play to unlock!
  • Local Ranking tracks the top 10 high scores on your device.
  • Online Global Ranking leader-board lets you submit and compares your high score & ranking. [Note: Needs an active WiFi, Edge, or 3G connection]
  • Gorgeous rendered 3D graphics.
  • Panning sound effects based on ship or explosion position.
  • Multiple power-ups to help get you through levels.

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