Touch HockeyMancala: FS5 is the world's best Mancala game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Play a game from your childhood and introduce it to your children. With friendly graphics and deep game play, it's perfect for kids and adults alike! Play individually with 3 difficulty levels or be challenged playing in 2 player mode - even over the Internet!

Mancala: FS5 will provide you with hours of endless fun!

Game Play:

Mancala: FS5 is the best-of-breed, socially-networked board game for the iPhone. It leads the social gaming iPhone market with full AOL AIM integration.

In addition to three difficulty levels in one-player mode, Mancala: FS5 supports three styles of two player game play: local area network, anonymous internet play, and internet play between AIM buddies with full instant messaging capabilities.

Mancala: FS5 follows the most popular set of rules called Khala. To see the specific rules implemented in this version, please refer to this list of rules.


  • One-player mode suppported with 3 difficult levels
  • Two player head-to-head
  • Two player networked over WiFi
  • Two player over the internet
  • Two player with AIM buddies
  • Saves match results against other players
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels against the iPhone
  • Undo your last move
  • Shake your iPhone or iTouch and start a new game!
  • Great animations and sounds!

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