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Touch4Touch4 is the best four-in-a-row game on the planet. Not just the best on your iPhone or iPod touch, but anywhere. Play against someone online! Now you always have someone to play with available at any time. You can select the skill level of your online opponent; beginner, intermediate or advanced. Change between small, medium and large game board sizes in a pinch! Add up to 10 players and keep track of their scores. Great for friends and kids!! Play multiple levels and be challenged playing this game of the ages or play against a friend. We take full advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch to make it even better! The way four-in-a-row was meant to be played. See you on the flip side!

Game Play:

Touch4 offers fun and increasing surprising challenges at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Select the skill level of your opponent and play online over your internet connection.

By using the pinch gesture you can easily change the game board size from 6x5, 7x6 and 8x7. Have fun and learn tricks to win and master this game. You can always get a hint to see your next best move to win.

Touch4 will remember which color you like to play as and it keeps track of all your scores at each level and against your opponents. There is even a Demo mode where you can see the Advanced level playing against itself to learn new tricks. To start a new game just swipe with your finger and watch the chips fall.

Go ahead and answer the phone call or check your mail and when you come back, the game will be right where your left it.


  • One-player and Two-player modes fully supported (No internet connection required)
  • Watch Demo mode as the iPhone plays against itself (No internet connection required)
  • Online game play with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels (Internet connection required)
  • Send Instant Messages to your online opponent!
  • See which country your online opponent is located in by using the iPhone's built-in location technology
  • Small, Medium, Large board sizes supported for three times the fun!
  • Swipe to start a new game and pinch to resize the game board. Multi-touch is fully integrated.
  • Add players with their names and play against each other
  • Saves all scores against all the other players
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels against the iPhone
  • Turn upside down and watch all the chips fall out! Lots of fun!!
  • Great animations and sounds!
  • Offers a hint to beat your opponent
  • Press the search button and see the last movemade
  • Undo your last move

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