Site creator; seyDoggy

seyDoggy logoSince fall of 2005, seyDoggy has been creating small, slick and simple web designs using CSS, HTML, PHP and XHTML. Add to that expertly crafted web graphics and professional photography and seyDoggy is a creative force that can drive your entire corporate identity.

FlipSide5 had approached seyDoggy in early 2008, prior to the announcement of the iPhone SDK for a speculative quote to develop a website promoting what was would eventually become the FlipSide5 4InARow touch and Tic-Tac-Touch native iPhone and iPod Touch games. Though scheduling was tight and an iPhone SDK was then only a rumor, seyDoggy did not want to pass up the opportunity to part in this potentially course altering FlipSide5 endeavor.

seyDoggy is proud to have worked with Michael Sanford and FlipSide5 Inc. and that pride shines through in these pages.