FlipSide5 Inc.

logoFlipSide5, Inc. was founded in late 2007 to deliver the world's best software for the world's best mobile platform, the iPhone and iPod touch. At FlipSide5, our promise is easy; "Simple. Fun. Wow." That guarantee to our users is the soul of who we are and what we do.

After delivering our first web-based game for the iPhone, Tic-Tac-Touch, the popularity was overwhelming. Our second game, Touch4 for the iPhone was amazingly even more popular. Within the first 5 months there had been over 1.3 million games played. Best-of-Breed software is what we do. Apple selected both Tic-Tac-Touch and Touch4 as Staff Picks. We have received thousands of email requests for a version of these games on the iPhone and iPod touch that can be downloaded and installed. We are more than enthusiastic to deliver on this popular request using Apple's iPhone SDK.

We want to ensure that anyone and everyone has access to our software. The web versions are free and the download-install native versions are available at a very low price that everyone can afford.

FlipSide5, Inc will continue to deliver great games, updates and other new exciting applications. As the web-enabled personal computer has been forever transformed to fit in your pocket, FlipSide5 is at the forefront of this change. We have and will continue to bring "Simple, Fun, Wow" software to make and enhance our user's lives.

We have a small world-class staff and firmly believe that the world's best software is driven from unrelenting passion. We are located in Reston, Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.